Writing your feeling and sh*t down

        Coming from a country where depression is regarded as having a lazy mind, and expressing your feelings is a sign of weakness. Hoarding once feelings has become the order of the day. Seriously! a psychiatrist is practically non-existent, and bipolar is referred to as an excuse to be crazy. Being dyslexia is not a condition, as long as they are concerned there are no reason why you shouldn’t be able to write or spell as fast as the next guy. I have never heard my parents proclaim their love for each other, neither have I myself made it vocal that I love them until recently. Not from lack of said feelings, but there is no one to take such cue from.

It would be correct to assume that i am bad at expression my feelings…except anger, of course! I have heard people talk about writing down your feelings and I have called bullshit on it on so many occasions that i might choke on my word if  “Eating your own word” was literal.

Anyway my dad utterly pissed me off, and i couldn’t do anything about it….because well! his is my dad! I eventually ended up writing what i thought about him and the situation down, and as I was poring out my anger onto the pages, with every nasty word i wrote down I felt much, much better. It is very relieving and I absolutely reckon it to be a great self-help therapy. Write shit down, and shred it  right before you leave, because i don’t think you would want anyone seeing it.



I love you from the bottom of my heart, and I will do anything for you, hello feeling.

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