Storm before and after the quite.

The effect of utter tiredness and boredom that I can’t escape because of this old routine they call a job, had me thinking of way to gives my self a little calming space, after working ten hard heavy boxes lifting hours every day, just one minute of pronounced silence was of utmost importance.
  I closed my ears tightly with my fingers for a minute, like a spoilt child who is being lectured by her parents. ohh the wonderful nothing of silence, the awesome sound of your beating heart, the inane feeling of seeing moving lips but hearing nothing.
   It was a blast while it lasted, then I let go and for a few nanoseconds I heard unfamiliar airy sound which was being overthrown by the loud voice of machines and people, But That really helped my sanity for the day.  
  If your having a bad day just have a moment of silence, there must be a reason why its done for dead folks. Just saying!!       


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