Back! hopefully….

“I Wish I had time to do some leisure reading” I thought to myself as I was “supposedly” reading a text book in the 1442926112778library. I have been at it for three hours, and it didn’t seem like it was ending soon. You don’t need to posses the power of telepathy to know that I was not’ in anyway enjoying myself. After a paragraph or two I gaze off in oblivion. I was tired and board out of my brains, and my head was literally hurting. I had not read any book aside from school textbook in four month, and it was driving me real crazy. I looked at the stupid ‘Politics in America’ textbook that I was reading with so much detest. I engaged the textbook in a cordial, but hateful discussion with me doing most of the talking. It resulted to nothing. I still had to read the assigned chapters. Listen! when you start hating or talking to an inanimate object the crazy is real, and you need to give yourself break.

I don’t know what I was high on that made me think that I could go to school five days a week, and work second shift at the same time. Please, don’t be misinformed by my ranting above, I do like gaining knowledge and shoving it in the face of a particular pretentious uppity walking encyclopedia. Sarcasm aside! I do like  school and classes and I try my very best to be the better I can be. Working and schooling is very exhausting, and it leaves no room for leisure or enough sleep but i guess being busy all the time kept me very concentrated with my studies because at the end of the semester I got straight A’s.

Now that school is out I am ready to continue pouring out all the rubbish that comes to mind (edited, of course). So please indulge me  while am out and about.



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