Different Len

Just another busy day of work. While  I was talking to a friend of mine I looked at her closely, and she started to look unfamiliar. Have you ever try to spell a word, and it just sounds so wrong? You repeat it over and over again, and the more you repeat the more flawed it sounds. You eventually get a dictionary or do some research, and you found out that you have spelled it right all this while.

I don’t know what the effect is called, but it happened to me today. While I was talking to this particular friend I started seeing her in a different confusing way, almost unrecognizable, and it got me thinking if she also had such episode before and what she thought of me during them.

I would like to know what people think of me when they look at me. I wish there was a way you can switch minds without switching the body.  I don’t need this normalcy to intrude into someone thought, i just want to be able to see myself through someone else’s perspective, but in my own standards. Sure, you could ask people what they think of you, but some might be honest with you, and some might sugarcoat your disposition. There is a lot of uncertainty in that sentence.

I want to know, if I was not me, would I want to be me. I am aware no one is perfect, but it will be good to know you are doing something right. I heard someone said ” If you have haters, that means you are doing something right”  I understand the philosophy, but I don’t necessary agree with it.

Just for jokes, imagine if it was normal to switch minds without changing  the body, and people do it all the time. If your mind was in someone else’s body, and the persons body needs to use the restroom. AWKWARD!

please indulge my spur of rubbish for a while.

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