Anonymous Anonymous! 02

They all traipse in like bunch of high school student who are being sent to detention. Stan, the group coordinator welcomed everyone in his usually calm voice.

“Good to see you guys. Today we are going to start as usual, we will go around in turns summarizing how our weeks has been.” looking to his right, he said,

“Jamie, you wanna start.”

“No, thanks. I will pass!”

“It wasn’t a question.”Stan deadpanned

“Why the fuck did you ask me then?”he said angrily, “you be doing this shit thinking you cute,”

“Jesus!?, am just trying to be polite to your cranky ass, now quit your whining and tell us about your week.”

“Well, if you are so interested, I almost got fired this week.”

“why?, do you mind sharing ?


“Jamie you-”

“If you FUCKING tell me I have to…I will rearrange your stupid smile to the right proportion”

“Just talk!”

“During a busy hour at the grocery store…my fucking shift manager told me to announce something on the intercom, he knows I don’t like talking on that shit, so I added a little flavor to it.”

“What did you say?” Morgan asked

“Ladies and gentlemen, the meat section are now 70% off, but ask yourself, why would we do that?”

They all laughed. “That was just one person’s week, I wonder what the rest is going to be” Morgan thought to himself.









Anonymous Anonymous! 01

“Hi group, we have a new member. Morgan introduce yourself.” Stan, the group leader announced.

“Hi guys, my name is Morgan, and I am here because I recently realized that I am worthless. I mean, I have always known, but it just recently dawned on me.”

“Welcome Morgan. group welcome Morgan into the group”

“Welcome Morgan, if everybody was the same the world will be a boring place, some people are in this world to add to the value, and some are her to devalue. It gives the world a balance. So it okay to be worthless because that actually makes you very valuable to the world. We are all in this together, Worthless unite!!” they all chorused together.

“I can’t believe we still have to recite this shit! what is wrong with just saying ‘Hi Morgan’, and maybe a pat on the back, or even a hug. Do we have to sound like a bunch of elementary school groupies every time some fuckup decides to wonder in?” Mac retorted.

“McKenzie, we have to make our guest feel welcome and at ease. To feel that his fellow crazies are in here with him” Stan replied.

Mac stood up in anger , pointing his finger at the group leader and shouted.


“That not what I have on my file.” Looking down and shuffling through some paper “Look, right there, it says McKenzie!”  he replied in a feminine voice.

“Keep it up, asswipe!!” Mac threatened with a fisted hand.

“You better seat your ass down before I jam an easy spirit up it”, Major prompted

“Awesome, am in the mist of my kind” Morgan murmured with a smile.



Galloping Crazies

While she was working she got a message on her screen telling her to go to the small conference room. She knew this was coming, in her opinion ‘unnecessary’, but nevertheless it was going to happen.

She logged out of her station and proceeded to the small conference room. They were at least eight shift managers in their orange vest that says “Manager”, like we can’t pick out fake in a crowd, and two people from human resources already seated in the small conference room.

“Great, the whole gang is here”, she whispered to herself.

The general manager of that building was also there, and he was the first to talk

“hey Simi, thanks for joining us”

“like I had a choice” she murmured

“this is not an ambush, we just want to talk”

“it sure does feel like it”


“Look around, and say that again! I have got about eight manager surrounding me, and about five of which wanna take turns showing me a very narrow path in which to take a walk. Oh! and don’t forget the two HR buddies who just want to get this over with.”

“but you seem to be handling it well”

“what can I say, I hate bullies”

“we are not trying to bully you”

“yeah, and Nixon didn’t hide the tape! Listen, I don’t know what this is about, but I guess it had something to do with what I told Jim yesterday. I know what I said, and I stand by every word of it, if you have a problem with what I said please! by all means fire me, but make no mistake I will have my day in court.”

“Like I said simi, this is not an ambush. We heard what you said to Jim and we just wanted to go through your concerns. Despite what you might believe, we are not all against you”

“okay, i will humor you, just for shit and giggles”

Fairy-tail Evils: Dark Matters 05


She turned around once more just to be sure no one was trying to get her attention, but everything seemed fine so she kept walking. It lunch hour and the traffic is tremendous, with different decibel of people honking in the background.

The weather is hot and humid and the side-walk is too rowdy for comfort with people walking too close and bodies touching each other. This is the special part of the day that she hated being outside. She never liked people touching her ever since…. NO! she promised herself she wasn’t going to think about that time of her life.

Suddenly, she felt someone pull her with her cloth from behind and whispered

“Hello love” she gasped. That voice, she could recognize it even while passed-out (she would probably wake up immediately).

She stopped in her track as the people behind her ran into her, they grumbled a complain, but kept walking anyway.

She was swiftly pulled to the side. Frozen, and in shock she stood still , and very aware of him behind her, close, really close that she could feel the heat of his breath on her neck as he spoke directly to her ears.

“That pretty face of yours always does my head in” he whispered

“I cant help myself, can I?” he said slowly, and very heated.

off he went.

She remained frozen in that spot for God knows how long.

Fairy-tail Evils: Dark Matters

It was low and quite almost like a whispered hiss, but she could hear it like it was made for her only. She stopped, and turned around trying to look for a sign, or see if someone was trying to get her attention. There was nobody trying to get her attention, so she kept working toward her intended direction. Something isn’t right she thought, she felt like something was about to happen, but she couldn’t say what.Everything seem okay on the street; people were normally going about their business, but that didn’t stop the feeling of doom she felt.

Fairytail evils-Dark Matter 02

The errand was simple and direct.

“Kaima” her aunt more-or-less yelled

“yes aunty” kaima hurried to the call

“Go to the shop, and give this to your uncle,” she placed a small pile of money and a plate of food in a bag, then gave it to her.

That was it. A simple trip to her aunt’s shop, a familiar task that has become a habit without option. She must have forgotten a sacrifice or two, because the gods were definitely not on her side.

After walking passed the women who chorused “witch” like it was her name, she kept walking towards the direction of her aunt’s shop when she heard it.

Fairytale evils: Dark matter 01

As she walked by a group of women sitting in front of their house she contemplated greeting them, but she knew that if she ignored them it will make it worse, so she greeted. With her knee bent halfway to the ground as a sign of respect in her culture; she said,

“e ka aro (Good morning )”

She knew what was coming next. She should be used to this by now, but it still hurts.

“Umhn,  Aje (witch)” was the reply, followed by whisper of insults that trailed behind her.

She kept walking, mauling on why she even bother with this people, but that will be the least of her problems on such beautiful day.