I would say love your flaws, and

live for your mistakes if they weren’t coming

If i wasn’t comatose in pain

baby, Run

They found the evidence

My love, Run

Because they saw the evidence you didn’t bother to hide


because your pride is a demon in disguise

And my love is a true example of broken glass

Run, my pride

For, when it is all done i will still be out here waiting to be outlaws

There are no winners when the die is cast.



Do not mistake my quite for dunce

for every second a new thought is formed

in my brain, it is stored

yes, just twist the dagger in a little more

as I moan in pain, I refuse to satisfy you with my tears

just a little air Oh just a tiny space

in there, a method to my madness

draft, review, finalize, and publish it all in your honor

they call it revenge but I call it Revenge

the author of your pain, will I be

and trust me I know how it ends

I wrote the book.





Like a swirling black hole

that turns into a hallucination

It sucks, and just keeps sucking

It demands, outrageous but committing

It presence, yielding yet terminable

the feeling, melancholy yet content

we all have that thing, they say

that reduces us to nothing when offered

slaves to our needs

yet, you judge me for mine

I know, i know what i have

don’t try to understand my void, if you don’t know the story




This is all for you

I promise, it’s all for you

I will lay my life for you

I took the offer for you

The marks are for you, all of them, my sign of love for you

The curfews were for you

My short fuses were because of you, all for your sake

I believed you when you  promised I will be safe

another lie from the front line

ooh, I can’t wait

for when I can put it out of my mind long enough.



Fairytail evils-Dark Matter 02

The errand was simple and direct.

“Kaima” her aunt more-or-less yelled

“yes aunty” kaima hurried to the call

“Go to the shop, and give this to your uncle,” she placed a small pile of money and a plate of food in a bag, then gave it to her.

That was it. A simple trip to her aunt’s shop, a familiar task that has become a habit without option. She must have forgotten a sacrifice or two, because the gods were definitely not on her side.

After walking passed the women who chorused “witch” like it was her name, she kept walking towards the direction of her aunt’s shop when she heard it.

Set your comfort zone ablaze!!

Am as shy as they come, and I very much prefer writing than speaking. Recently, I have come to the awful realization that life does not give-two-flying-fuck on what you think suits you best. With such realization, I have consciously decided that if I ever have a choice between situations, I would pick the one that is most uncomfortable,and embrace a faux pas.

Proverbs!! are the isshh


   “however much the buttocks are in a hurry, they will always remain behind

  African proverbs are just cool, and have a lot of hidden meaning.

    A wise words mixed with a little bit of sass always tickles my interest. Proverbs are not new to me, but recently it has been more fascinating. I’ve always found people who  say “listen to your heart” and those obnoxious Disney cartoon that give kids unfounded hope on how their heart is all they should listen too extremely ridiculous. So, if i ever ask for an advice, instead of feeding me with a pile of Disney related phrasing about my heart, just throw a proverb my way and i will be blissful in my confusion.

“Before You go out with a widow, you must first ask her what killed the husband”

“A child can play with its mother’s breasts, but not its father’s testicles”

“When the mouse laughs at the cat, there is a hole nearby”

“It requires a lot of carefulness to kill the fly that perches on the scrotum”

“A goat’s frown cannot stop it from being taken to the market.”